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Shifa Gardi


A brief biography

She arrived in the office helmet and flag jacket in hand. From there she set off to Mosul with her favorite cameraman Younis Mustafa and a driver. The team of three knew their destination and their set goal, but they had no idea how the day might end. They passed through checkpoints, bombed out towns and rubble. She was looking for a mass grave where militants of the Islamic State had thrown hundreds of bodies.

Shifa Gardi was born on a cold winter day in 1987 at Zewa refugee camp in Eastern Kurdistan. Her parents like everybody else in the camp were Peshmerga families who had fled for their lives. The extended Gardi family live in south and north Kurdistan. They have been part of the Kurdish struggle for freedom for generations. In 1991, when Shifa was three and after the Kurdish region of Iraq had freed itself from Saddam Hussein’s rule, her family left the refugee camp and returned home.

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Tributes & Condolences

  • Shifa Gardi had broken the stereotypes of male-dominated journalism in Middle East." Rudaw Media Network

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